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這是我們SBD台灣2023年最重要的影片之一!除了是我們頻道首支的全4K影片,也是最重要的開箱影片!SBD Taiwan團隊前往英國,開箱原廠SBD總部!包含位於Sheffield的SBD全新企總,還有參訪他的產品生產線👍


帶各位直擊全世界最好看的健力比賽【SBD Sheffield 2023 健力明星邀請賽】🔥24位頂尖菁英健力選手,比的不是成功失敗,比的是誰破的世界紀錄比較多!平均每五把試舉,就有一把是世界紀錄挑戰!總共刷新了39項世界紀錄,也締造了11項新的總和世界紀錄!實在是太不可思議!💪


Sheffield 位於英國英格蘭中部,位在倫敦北邊約300公里,是英國的第四大城市。在市中心有超過五百年歷史的Sheffield Cathedral謝菲爾德大教堂,也有接近兩百年歷史的聖母瑪麗亞教堂St. Marie Cathedral。而SBD Sheffield 2023健力明星賽的場地 Sheffield City Hall (Sheffield市政廳),是在1932年落成的新古典主義建築。


Big shout out to Jimmy❤️

片尾的英國民謠歌手Jimmy所唱的歌曲,是1977年英國雙人組合 Brian and Michael 所創作的:

「Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs」


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Unboxing SBD & Sheffield 2023🔥🔥🔥

This is one of the most significant videos for SBD Taiwan in 2023! Not only is it our channel's first full 4K video, but it's also the most important unboxing video. Our SBD Taiwan team journeyed to the UK to unbox the original SBD headquarters, including the brand-new SBD corporate headquarters in Sheffield, as well as a visit to its product assembly line and quality control.


We also bring you an exclusive glimpse of the world's most captivating strength competition, the SBD Sheffield 2023 (IPF Powerlifting Invitational). Featuring all 24 top elite strength athletes, it's not about success or failure, but about who breaks more world records!!! On average, every five attempts, one shatters a world record challenge! A total of 39 world records were shattered, establishing 11 new total records! Truly unbelievable!


Sheffield is situated in the central part of England, approximately 300 kilometers north of London, ranking as the fourth largest city in the UK. The city center boasts the historic Sheffield Cathedral, with over five centuries of history, and the St. Marie Cathedral, nearly two centuries old. The venue for the SBD Sheffield 2023 Powerlifting, Sheffield City Hall, is an architectural gem in the Neoclassical style, completed in 1932.